Medical Care

If only our beloved animals could tell us what’s wrong, what they ate that they shouldn’t have, or where it hurts, so we wouldn’t worry so much! You might notice that your dog, cat, or rabbit just isn’t behaving like themselves, and that can mean that it’s time for a trip to Mesa Veterinary Hospital to find out what’s going on.

We understand that anytime your pet becomes ill or begins to act differently, it can be stressful. Our entire staff, from our veterinary team to our office personnel, will do everything we can to provide a prompt appointment.

When Your Pet Is Sick

When your dog or cat is vomiting, avoiding food, or displaying signs of pain, something may not be quite right. We are here for you in those moments! Contact our hospital to speak with one of our highly trained team members who can schedule your pet for an examination. During your pet's visit we will provide compassionate care and support.

We often start by getting a thorough history from you and your family. We will discuss what symptoms you are seeing at home, and how long these symptoms have been going on. Next, we thoroughly examine your pet. If any additional tests are necessary, we will address those with you along with any associated costs. We can perform many tests on site using our own in-house diagnostic center which includes on-site laboratory and radiology equipment.

Once we make an accurate diagnosis, we will discuss treatment options along with the risks and benefits of each and help you decide on a course of action that feels right for you and your pet.

Medication for Your Pet

We have an in-house pharmacy which makes it easy for you to begin your pet’s medications right away! Our doctors can also provide background information on the prescribed medications to help with any potential questions that you may have. We are here for you and your pet, so don't hesitate to give us a call when you have additional questions.

Follow-Up Care

Our veterinarians will sometimes recommend a follow-up appointment to ensure that your pet is healing properly and that their vitals, weight, and behavior are on track. 

Pets will often begin to improve and may resume their normal behaviors before they are 100% well again. We strongly advise that patients come in for any follow-up visits that have been recommended by our medical team.

Laser Therapy for Pets

Mesa has a brand new, state-of-the-art Class IV therapeutic laser that we recommend for use on many patients with both acute and chronic problems.

Laser therapy works by using light energy to penetrate tissue and induce production of molecules at the cellular level which aid in tissue healing and regeneration. Laser therapy can help with wound healing, reduction of acute and chronic pain, and, in some cases, an improvement in problems with the nervous system.

Overnight and Extended Hospitalization

In cases of serious illness or dehydration, we may recommend an overnight stay to monitor your pet. Your dog, cat, or exotic animal will have their own suite in our hospital and receive regular checks and attention with 24-hour care from our compassionate veterinary staff.

We will also stay in touch with updates to keep you informed about your pet’s progress.

Intensive Care Unit

Our ICU is reserved for those patients who need specially focused care and attention. Our highly trained certified veterinary technicians check on patients in the ICU regularly while performing treatments and administering care alongside the pet's veterinarian.

We have an oxygen suite in our ICU for those patients who are in need of supplemental oxygen. As with the rest of our hospital, 24-hour monitoring of patients in the ICU is provided.

Chemotherapy Treatments

No one wants a cancer diagnosis, but the good news is that when it is detected early and is treatable, many pets that have treatment can enjoy extra months or years of a happy, healthy life. Early detection of cancer and other serious conditions is one of the reasons we strongly encourage regular check-ups for your pet.

We offer chemotherapy treatments at our Applewood pet hospital. Unlike chemotherapy in humans, chemotherapy for pets is delivered in smaller doses and often does not result in nausea and vomiting or hair loss.

Life-Saving Blood Transfusions

Just like human patients, animal blood donors can save the lives of other animals in need. The blood we use is thoroughly screened and tested, and we are able to obtain type-matched blood for life-saving transfusions should they become necessary.

Cardiology Diagnostics

Should your pet have a heart-related condition, Mesa Veterinary Hospital has all the tools to help diagnose and treat your pet. We have the capability to perform an ECG (electrocardiogram) to detect abnormal electrical rhythms. 

We work closely with a board-certified cardiologist who visits at least twice monthly to perform echocardiograms and help guide therapy for our cardiac patients. An echocardiogram is an ultrasound of the heart that evaluates cardiac structure and function and enables accurate diagnosis and therapy for any cardiac illness.

Compassionate Care for Your Sick Pet

Illness causes a stress for you and your furry, scaly, or feathered friend. Our experienced vets will work diligently to take exceptional care of your pet and your family while they are here with us.