Exotic Animal Care

Dr. Katzenbach is the exotic pet expert here at Mesa Veterinary Hospital. She has experience in caring for small exotic animals including a variety of birds, rodents, rabbits, and reptiles! Exotic animal care is one of her passions, and she would be the first to tell you that she loves partnering with owners to maintain exotic animal health.

When you come in for an exotic animal visit, your pet will receive a full examination. During wellness visits, Dr. Katzenbach may also address any nutritional or husbandry concerns you may have. We also offer exotic grooming care as needed for nails, beaks, and wings. At the end of the visit, we can provide you with additional resources to ensure that your exotic animal is receiving all the care that it needs.

Exotic Pet Care Technology

Mesa Veterinary Hospital also has a few unique pieces of equipment to help better care for your exotic pet.

We have a custom-made, eight-position Snyder Isolation Cage, which allows each patient to breathe only the air provided in the ward rather than secondhand air from other animals. In other words, each individual enclosure is specially made to help keep patients from spreading airborne diseases. 

We also have oxygen cages set up for any emergencies your exotic pet may experience. We have the ability to heat these cages for the comfort of our small pets that easily get too cold. Your hedgehog, gecko, or rat will be kept comfortable under our care.

Exotic-Specific Surgeries

We equipped our Applewood veterinary hospital with exotic-specific medical instruments for specialty exotic pet surgeries and dental treatments. During surgery, we will treat your pet with precise, customized medical care, which includes catheter placement and airway protection, as well as monitoring of vital parameters, including heart rate, blood oxygenation status, and blood pressure. 

Your veterinarian and a certified veterinary technician will continuously monitor your lizard, rabbit, hen, parrot, or gerbil throughout any exotic pet surgery procedure. Our staff is uniquely experienced and well-equipped to work with a variety of exotic pet species.

24-Hour Exotic Pet Medical Care

Mesa Veterinary Hospital is unique, as it has 24-hour monitored care for any inpatients. This means that if your sick pet requires hospitalization, someone is on staff at all times, keeping a close eye on your exotic pets. 

If needed, we will hospitalize your exotic pet in a quiet area, isolated from any other loud pets that could potentially make them stressed. Keeping predator animals separated from their natural prey ensures that both species are safe and anxiety-free.

We Welcome Exotic Pets to Our Golden Vet Clinic

It can be tough to find an experienced exotic vet in West Denver, which is why we have patients who travel from Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Denver, Arvada, and the Highlands to receive reliable veterinary care for these different species. Dr. Katzenbach loves treating patients with feathers and scales just as much as she loves her furry patients. Contact us if you have an exotic pet that you think would benefit from a wellness visit with our exotics Doctor.