End-of-Life Pet Care

It’s hard to know for certain when your pet experiences pain and discomfort because they do not always show outward signs. Many dogs and cats will continue to eat and drink normally despite pain. We are here to help you assess your elderly pet's well-being.

Caring for an Elderly Pet

Maintaining your pet’s annual or bi-annual wellness exam is essential to health, especially for an aging pet. Our doctors can detect signs of illness and pain through physical examinations and other diagnostics including labwork and imaging if needed so that you always know how your pet is doing.


Pet Hospice Care – Palliative Care

Unlike humans, most pet hospice occurs at home with the guidance of your doctor. Hospice care is centered around the philosophy of keeping your pet comfortable and letting them enjoy life without additional treatment.

One essential aspect of hospice care includes pain management which is typically achieved through administering medication at home. If your pet has difficulty with pills, your doctor can discuss alternatives with you. For example, some medications can be compounded into liquid formulas for easier administration.

Euthanasia – A Compassionate Choice

When an animal approaches the end of their life, it becomes increasingly difficult for pet parents to see their beloved companions in pain. During the end-of-life stages, pet parents often begin to consider humane euthanasia. When the time comes, you can call our office and our team will be there to compassionately discuss this option with you. Humane euthanasia is provided to pets who are experiencing a poor quality of life due to chronic pain and discomfort that can be associated with advanced age or chronic illness.

Choosing euthanasia offers your beloved pet a humane and gentle passing, putting an end to any pain they may be experiencing. Before the procedure, you will be able to spend time with your pet in our comfort room.

We understand that this can be a very difficult time, and we will be here to support you. As pet lovers ourselves, our team understands what losing a pet feels like. Rest assured that you will be among friends during this difficult time.

Cremation Services Options

Depending on your budget and preferences, we offer both group cremation and individual cremation with a personalized keepsake after the procedure.