Advanced Animal Diagnostics

When addressing medical conditions in animals, early diagnosis is key. This helps increase the number of treatment options available and can  improve the prognosis for your pet. We have invested in the latest diagnostic equipment to enhance the veterinary care we are able to provide for your beloved companion animal.

Digital Radiography

Our digital radiology suite produces high-resolution images in a shorter amount of time than conventional radiology. We can manipulate the images digitally which allows our medical team to take fewer exposures and results in lower radiation exposure to your pet.

In addition to our veterinarians' initial reading of your pet's images, we also have a board-certified veterinary radiologist performing follow-up interpretations weekly. We are able to offer our clients an added piece of reassurance in knowing that a specialist has reviewed their animal's radiographs and will provide our doctors with a report.

Electrocardiogram (EKG)

 An EKG is used to help detect heart problems.Using small attachable electrodes, EKG is a simple, safe, and non-invasive procedure that measures the electrical activity in the heart.


If we detect a heart problem we may recommend an echocardiogram, which is an ultrasound of the heart. The Echocardiorgram is another safe, non-invasive procedure that allows us to evaluate the heart for various structural or mechanical defects. These tests can help diagnose underlying functional or structural abnormalities that may require treatment.

Our Golden veterinary hospital is fortunate to work with Dr. Karen Sanderson, DVM, DACVIM. She visits our clinic every other week to perform echocardiograms and cardiology consults. Your pet will receive the specialized care that they need in a familiar environment.

On-Site Laboratory Services

We have a full in-house laboratory that allows us to get answers quickly when your pet is sick. We are able to perform comprehensive blood panels that evaluate complete blood counts, blood chemistries, and electrolyte levels. In addition to blood work, we are able to run full urinalysis, urine cultures, fecal examinations, and cytology.

We also have access to a full diagnostic laboratory outside of our hospital. With our IDEXX diagnostic lab, we can typically have your pet's results back within 24 hours.


Ultrasound Services

Unique to most West Denver veterinary hospitals, Mesa Veterinary Hospital offers ultrasound services on-site in an environment that is familiar to your pet. Ultrasonography offers us a look inside your pet's abdomen and chest and provides valuable information that a digital radiograph cannot. If your pet needs an emergent ultrasound performed, we can often arrange to have one performed on the same day.

We are fortunate to work with Diagnostic Imaging Group. Their board-certified veterinary radiologists have worked with Mesa for many years and visit our hospital every week. They perform ultrasounds and follow-up interpretation on all radiograph images during their visits.


Endoscopy, Rhinoscopy, Bronchoscopy and Video-Otoscopy

Using fiber optics, we examine your pet’s gastrointestinal and respiratory systems for signs of illness or obstruction. These tests are used to promote more accurate diagnosis and treatment of numerous diseases, including esophageal, gastric, and urinary conditions. We can also remove certain obstructions without surgery using this procedure.

If you are looking for a West Denver veterinary professional that is a leader in these procedures, Mesa Vet Hospital is the right choice for your pet thanks to its experienced staff and specialized equipment. 

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