Mesa Veterinary Hospital

Why does my dog or cat need vaccinations?

If you have a pet that stays close to home and never visits dog parks or requires boarding, you might be questioning the necessity of the long list of possible immunizations that many animal hospitals recommend. 

At Mesa Veterinary Hospital, we take time getting to know your pets and your household habits so that we can recommend beneficial immunizations and eliminate the unnecessary ones. We avoid overmedication whenever possible and take a conservative, yet responsible, approach to looking after your pet.

That being said, some immunizations are species-specific, and their widespread use had helped to keep animals healthy by nearly eradicating certain illnesses. Pets that go outside can get into rodent waste and urine or come into contact with diseased animals without their owner’s knowledge. Our vets also stay informed about trends in pet illnesses, such as changes in heartworm risk and canine influenza outbreaks. We often adjust our recommendations based on changes specific to Colorado.

Jefferson County, Coloradom requires that both dogs and cats have current licenses displayed on their collars, which they wear at all times, even indoors. In order to license your pet, Jefferson County requires either a one- or three-year rabies vaccination and certificate, which we will provide in our Golden vet clinic.

Mesa is OPEN for normal business hours!

Out of an abundance of caution, and to do our part in helping protect the community from further spread of the COVID-19 virus, the decision has been made that for the time being we will no longer be allowing clients inside of the hospital building (with the exception of scheduled humane euthanasia appointments). Please see our FAQ page for more detailed information on how we will be carrying out curbside services.