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Canine Influenza

Dogs Playing With Stick | Mesa Veterinary Hospital

Just like people, dogs can be affected by different strains of influenza (flu), a highly contagious respiratory infection. There are two strains of canine influenza known to affect dogs internationally. H3N8 broke out around 2004 in Florida and continues to cause occasional outbreaks. H3N2 was first seen in Chicago in 2015 and there are still outbreaks occurring in certain areas of the country. These strains of influenza are NOT the same as human influenza.  At this time there is ...

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Hot Weather and Hot Dogs

Dog in Water | Mesa Veterinary Hospital

Summer is in full force and it is HOT outside!  You feel it… and so does your pooch!  Many dogs are not shy about telling you how hot they feel, but some of the dedicated pups will not.  Here are some things to keep in mind to safely stay active with your dog:

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Heartworm Disease

Heartworm Diagram | Mesa Veterinary Hospital

Heartworm season is coming!  Starting June 1st we recommend that all Colorado dogs be on monthly heartworm prevention.  You are likely getting phone calls from us to update your dog’s heartworm test and pick up heartworm preventative. But…. Why?  I will tell you!

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Toxic Plants

Aloe Vera | Mesa Veterinary Hospital

Many of you know the list of foods toxic to dogs and cats, but there are a wide variety of household plants that are toxic as well.  Below is a VERY short list of the common toxic plants we see every day.  See the ASPCA’s website for a thorough list.

Aloe Vera –  Great for our skin!  ...

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Care of Red-eared Sliders

Red-eared Slider | Mesa Veterinary Hospital

Red-eared sliders are a popular reptile pet that we see very commonly at Mesa Veterinary Hospital.  However, their care can be very difficult!  Below is information on the care for these wonderful reptiles.

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National Pet Dental Health Month is Coming!

Two Dogs Smiling | Mesa Veterinary Hospital

February is dental month, and it is just around the corner!  Dental health is just as important in your furry pets as it is in you, and we do not tend to think of it nearly as often.    During dental month we try to promote and educate owners regarding dental disease.  We also have an incentive this month only for a discount off of your final bill if your pet receives a dental prophylactic cleaning.

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